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Our Projects

CropBox at KLRS

Hydroponics at KLRS

CropBox is a containerized agriculture system that uses hydroponic technology to grow up to 18,000 lbs. of fresh produce. With automated lights, pH levels, heating and CO₂, the CropBox can reduce growing times and provide year-round produce in any climate.
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CropBox at KLRS

Renewable Energy System

KLRS is proud to be powered by a hybrid-renewable energy system. This makes the station more sustainable and increases our capacity to host researchers and support instrumentation year-round.
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CropBox at KLRS

Solar Hydrogen Feasibility Study

This project will demonstrate how a remote facility may operate year-round on renewable energy when paired with hydrogen storage.  
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CropBox at KLRS

Weather Station

An automated weather station was installed at KLRS in 2017 and records a range of meteorological observations, including temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, precipitation, atmospheric pressure and far infrared radiation.
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Visitors to the Station

Every year, KLRS hosts researchers, field schools, artists, and groups from across Canada and around the world. Learn more about our recent visitors, and some of the research being conducted from KLRS and the local region.

Research from KLRS

Search KLRS Publications

Since 1961, when the research station was founded, KLRS has provided support for studies in glaciology, geomorphology, geology, biology, botany, zoology, hydrology, limnology, climatology, high-altitude physiology, social sciences, anthropology, and archaeology. Over 1500 publications have resulted from these research activities, many of which are described in the KLRS bibliographic database.

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of KLRS in 2011, a special issue of Arctic was produced in 2014. In addition to papers on current research, the issue also contains a history of the scientific research prior to 2011 (Danby et al., 2014, Arctic, vol. 67).


Useful Resources

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